There are many exercises and work-out routines out there,  but do you know which one is good for you? Do you like gyms, or are you looking for basic exercises to do at home?

Well, to answer the above questions, first answer these: What’s your fitness level now? What do you enjoy doing? What are your ultimate goals?

 Why do  you want to exercise?

People exercise for many reasons. Some people are looking  to lose weight, some want to get in better shape and tone, and some enjoy it as a stress reliever. And believe it or not, exercising is a great way to relieve stress! Whatever your reason  may be, the best way to stick with it is by doing a work-out you enjoy!

What do you enjoy doing?

Do you like to dance and get your heart pumping with some good cardio? 

If so there are many dance work-outs that are fun and will get you in shape! The good thing about these DVD work-outs are that you can do them in the comfort of your own home and go at your own pace.  Honestly, I hit the pause button whenever I need to catch my breath for a min, and that is completely fine! There will be moves you may not be familiar with, but that’s okay too, you will get better with time, and you don’t have to worry about people watching you.

Or do you prefer walking and getting outdoors?

If so, walking and biking are excellent for getting in shape! Well, obviously  these may not be fun in the cold but, there is hope! Find a mall, or a big store, or even a hospital and go just to walk around! Hospitals have distances marked through the halls so you even know how far you’ve gone! People do this and it works! Also, if there is a gym near by, treadmills and exercise bicycles are excellent!

Just stretching everyday can do wonders!

Nervous about not being able to keep up?bike-gears

Well don’t be! Whether you are just starting out or getting back at it, you can do this! It’s crazy how amazing our bodies are at adapting. Everyday with a little extra step you will build up. If you want to run but think you will just lose your breath, just pace yourself and you will go further each time! If you want  to lift weights but aren’t too strong, don’t worry about it, just add a little each time and you will build muscle. Go at your own pace, push yourself as much as you can, and you will get there!

Getting started is the hardest step, but once you do, you will feel great and will want to keep going!

Also work-out buddies come in handy, you can both push each other to keep going!

I’d love to hear what works for you or if you have any questions, just leave them below!


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