When it comes to getting fit, we all must take that first step.  Getting fit fast is a possibility as long as it is healthy in terms of weight loss. Losing 1-2 lbs a week is healthy (3-5 lbs with exercise)  and very attainable. Food is one of the most important tools in weight management. There are great foods to help lose weight effectively.  Healthy eating diets can change your lifestyle and get you on track to achieve your goals! Always, always remember ANY progress IS progress!

Ways to get started on your NEW LIFESTYLE

(1) Prepare yourself Mentally:New journey

This is a new journey and new things can bring fear and doubt, so you are going to have to BE STRONG and keep at this to get the results you desire! From now on, you are going to start holding yourself accountable and being more aware of your life style choices and decisions. Motivation!! You want to lose weight and get fit for a reason and the first key to staying motivated is to KNOW YOUR WHY…why do you want to get fit? The answer could be many things: to get healthy, look better, fit in your clothes better, increase you self confidence, or maybe a big event is coming, but whatever the reason, you have to keep it visible! WRITE IT DOWN and put it in plain view so you will see it daily! REPEAT it to yourself often! This way you will not want to give up!

Plan a START DATE! Planning a day can set your nerves at ease. You are beginning this journey for good reasons that will result in great outcomes, so the starting point should be easy going as well! With a plan in action you will feel less tense and will be more likely to get started!

(2) Prepare yourself Physically:

TrashThis preparation consist of the inventory in your kitchen! Remember FOOD is CRUCIAL, so to be prepared for this new lifestyle it would be a great idea to get rid all the bad foods and drinks you are going to remove from your daily diet. The bad foods and drinks physically being in your cabinets and refrigerator presents temptation and discouragement.

Bad, unhealthy foods and drinks include anything processed, anything containing high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil, any soda’s (especially diet soda’s), and juices high in sugars.

These food will be replaced with more beneficial choices and you will be laying the foundation of a  healthier lifestyle!

If you plan to exercise and work out, invest in good work-out attire.  The act of putting on your clothes is a big step and really helps to motivate you to get started! Good foot wear is also very important by helping to prevent unnecessary injuries and keeping good balance (even if exercising indoors).  Getting dressed for a workout will put you in an active mindset!  Plus, who doesn’t like to shop for new clothes and gear?Shoes

(3) Take Action

Okay, so by now you have prepared yourself mentally, physically and it’s time to take action. Having a buddy to exercise with or discuss and encourage good food choices is a great advantage with changing habits.

You should begin to replace those unfavorable foods that were tossed out with more nutritious and healthy options. This is will be a big change for you by giving you more energy during the day and allowing for a better sleep at night.

DateYour start day should be planned as well as written on your calendar in sight. Your friends and family (at least one person ) should be aware of your goals and informed of your progress.  Okay, so you may be wondering why it matters that people know of your goals and your progress? Well, it matters. That’s accountability!! When others are aware of what you want to accomplish, it compels you to thrive and stay on track by keeping you motivated. It’s harder to let others down than it is to let ourselves down. By having other people excited about this new lifestyle and supporting you, you’ll be less likely to quit and more likely to succeed! You will want others to be proud of your journey (maybe even join you!) and celebrate your accomplishments with you!

Getting STARTED is always the HARDEST part. But, just like with anything else, once you do start, things seem to fall in place and just keep going.  Don’t pressure yourself too much. Take baby steps, ask question, just figure out what you want to accomplish and go for it!Support

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what works for you to get started or if you have any questions,  just ask!


  1. First off this was a great read, thanks. Back in 2014 I did a bodybuilding . com transformation challenge and it was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I have done in my life. I was able to lose 36.5 pounds in 90 days and get my body fat % under 8%. I was ripped! Everything you covered in this post is true. The biggest thing for me was the mental part, especially in the beginning. Going to the gym and getting in the work was never an issue for me, it was always the food and rest part. Mentally what worked for me was I changed the way I saw food. Because I was counting my macros I simply saw food as fuel for my body instead. This allowed me to eat the correct amounts without overeating, and made me mentally strong which helped with everything else as well. Also, drinking the correct amount of water each day is huge! People really need to take better care of themselves and the amazing thing is that it doesn’t take much, just a commitment to do it every day. Thank you!

    • Hey, thank you! I am glad you were able to challenge yourself and found it very rewarding, good job! Changing the way we see food is definitely difficult but very important as you found! Thank you again!

  2. It was over 10 years ago that I started running again to get fit as I used to be fit in my early twenties but put on weight and became very unfit.

    So starting again was hard as I had to start from scratch as I was so out of condition but I just kept pushing myself to run a little further each week.

    What helped to keep me going was that I knew that I was fit once before and that I could get fit again and also the hard time I was going through wouldn’t last.

    What I believe turned out to be right because I just stuck with it and I managed to work my way to a good level of aerobic fitness which I still maintain.

    At the time I didn’t pay to much attention to my diet but I do now and you’re right, the key is to get started and once you do, just stick with it.

    • Hey, I am glad to hear you stuck with your goal of getting fit! It is amazing how our bodies can adapt and build up toward the goal you desire! In your case running, an extra few steps each day adds up quickly and before you know it you will go further and further! Great job!

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