I understand healthy eating can cost more but there are ways to eat healthy on a low income. So, ultimately the questions  are why is healthy foods more expensive? Or, why are unhealthy foods cheaper?

The answers to these questions revolve around money themselves! Money

Unhealthy foods or junk foods are made cheap to sell and make a profit. The cheapness comes from all the horrible ingredients used. Companies figured out how to bypass the cost of good ingredients and fill their place with cheap bad ingredients.  For example, bread will eventually turn white with time, BUT to speed up the process people started BLEACHING it. Yes REAL BLEACH.

Likewise, the healthy foods that may be a little more costly, are costly based on the simple fact that they are good for our bodies.  So, paying more for the healthy stuff is just an INVESTMENT in your health!

So how do you eat healthier with out breaking the bank?

Changing your eating habits and making it a lifestyle starts with little steps here and there. Junk foods DO COST money so just replacing the junk foods with fruits, vegetables, or whole grain snacks will definitely make a big difference.

Hit up the sales and buy in bulk! Cook at home! If you see a big package of meat on sale, buy it and split it into freezer bags for later use. This way you don’t have to cook it all at once! Or you could make extra so lunch is there for you the next day! You could also look for fish and other seafood products to be on sale! Frozen vegetables go on sale a lot, they hold up in the freezer, and they have the nutrients your body needs!

Grocery List Planning is important

Plan ahead. Yes, this will take a little more time on your part but it will work out in you favor. Plan meals for the week, make a list and stick to it. And by sticking to it  I mean going shopping when you are hungry isn’t a great idea. Ever been walking down a grocery isle and everything looks good? I have and I was hungry…it will get you every time!  Take the time to read ingredients at the store, don’t worry about looking stupid, its all about your health!

Look at the off brands! Off brands aren’t bad, especially if they have to good ingredients you’re looking for!

Seems like everything cost more these days!

Whether its junk food or healthy food being bought, MONEY IS BEING SPENT! The healthy food is an INVESTMENT because your health will be better in the long run! Saving money and buying cheaper foods now could lead to to have more hospital bills later! Also, the healthy foods do have the nutrients you need, so you will feel better through-out the day and they will keep you feeling fuller longer!

I’d love to hear from you and what you think! Leave a comment below!

  1. Some very good points here!

    This is a problem I definitely experience where I too often buy the cheaper food that’s obviously junk! But there’s definitely healthy food that’s also fairly cheap and as you said it’s definitely a good investment with buying healthy food!

  2. Hello Elisha,

    I love your article and yes buying junk is cheaper but if you do spend that extra hour or two a week on finding coupons and sales, in the end, you will save money. I no longer buy junk food, well twice a month I will splurge on ice cream or a pack of cookies as a treat. Eating and cooking healthy is important to me and my daughter. Another way you can save money is signing up for things like saving star where they will give you money back when you buy certain items. Anything helps. Thanks, again for a great article.


    • Hey thank you! Yes, you are exactly right about the things to sign up with to save money and earn money back, thanks for sharing that important option!

  3. You have summed it all up for me. What I take from this article is that if you have a planned healthy diet, you have to commit to it. And it will soon be a natural act. Not only that you will find that the out of the way places that you had to search for to find the food you want will soon become a common destination. Before you know it what was new is know a healthy routine.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for writing this post, eating healthy is very important. Especially as we all get older. When we are younger, it seems that all the junk food doesn’t stick to our bodies as much. Anyway, good food does cost more because they are just better. I like your suggestion that you go with the off brand products. Its all about the ingredients, not name of company. Please read the nutrient labels so you know what you are buying. Buying in bulk and on sale are the smart way to go.

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks a million:

  5. Thanks for this post! I’ve always struggle with this issue. I have tried to plan meals for the week but there is always something happening that is changing my schedule. And I have heard that even though you may plan what you are going to eat during the week, the time that you eat them will also affect your health. Is this true and do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi,
      Well yes, the time you eat is important, but do mean as far as eating late? Breakfast is very important, it jump starts your metabolism and gives your body the energy it needs to get started for the day. Eating small meals every three to four hours is also good, but this can be hard depending on your schedule. I don’t think you should get too caught up on timing, as long as you’re eating more than once a day, they are healthy nutritious meals or snacks, and not too close to bedtime. Healthy snacks aren’t bad before bed,as long as its not too heavy.
      Eating just one big meal a day can signal our body to store food because our bodies aren’t anticipating more food and it thinks it needs to store what it has; this will cause fat to build.

      I hope this is helpful! If you have more questions let me know!

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