When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, FOOD IS CRUCIAL!

Food is our fuel, our energy, and some foods themselves will cause the pounds to fall off…..YES, just eating certain  foods will make you lose weight!

These foods are not “diet” foods, they are healthy foods that you can easily incorporate to your everyday eating.

A “diet” is essentially made up of what you eat on a daily basis…so changing those foods, will change your “everyday diet” and it will become “YOUR LIFESTYLE”!

“Diets” are hard to follow because when you start a diet, you may not even like what you are told to eat and for that reason they don’t last….lets not forget how good food tastes! Eventually you begin missing the foods you like and become unhappy with the “diet”!  When in reality you can eat good healthy foods that you enjoy and STAY FIT and STAY ENERGIZED!

Within my site I will be talking about healthy foods to eat  from my experience and research over the years and what not to eat.  Meats such as fish that is high in protein, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 -fatty acids are what you want! Eating whole grain foods high in fiber like oatmeal and eating a vegetable with every meal are both super beneficial!

Also, there are some foods we should just avoid altogether and I will show you exactly how to know which foods those are. For instance, potatoes are a starchy vegetables that turn to sugar when digested; and depending on how they are cooked, they are essentially not very healthy. On the other hand SWEET POTATOES are filled with nutrients! Also, PROCESSED foods are definitely what you want to STEER CLEAR of !!!

I have been there, done that with diets and it just doesn’t work, I know…. BUT making it YOUR LIFESTYLE will work! I would love to hear from you of what “diets” you’ve tried but just did not work for you. Please leave a comment below and I will get back with you!