Within the pages of my site I will be showing you how to get fit and stay fit by giving you some food and exercise tips and tricks from my experience and learning. Getting fit and staying fit is more than a diet, it is all about your lifestyle food choices.

When it comes to exercising and diets and trying to loose weight, you must keep this rule in mind:

80% Diet  –  20% Exercise

Yes, exercises are great and serve their purpose of getting you in shape…but the foods we eat outweigh the exercises.


Weekly Exercises  + Bad Foods = NO RESULTS = GIVING UP

But when you exercise and eat good foods you will see results and you will want to keep going!

Active Living

Furthermore, when  it comes to exercises how do you know which one to pick?  This is something else I will be helping you with.  Exercising is movement, getting your heart pumping, something additional you do as a part of your everyday routine, and it can be different for everyone.

It doesn’t have to be a rigorous 60 minute workout, 5 days a week.

Exercises can be a simple daily walk for 20 mins, or a jog, or stretching everyday, or doing yoga a few times a week, and it may or may not include weights. The possibilities are big and it’s totally up to you!  A  perfectly acceptable goal would be to workout 3 days a week for 20 – 30 minutes…and you will see results and feel great! And always remember ANY progress IS progress none the less!

If you have questions about your exercising habits or would like to offer any additional advice from your own experiences please feel free to comment below!